Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blue Spaces or Blue Spaces?

Blue Spaces are spaces in the Mario Party series that provide coins (three to nine, depending on the game and specific circumstances) to characters who land upon them. They appear in every Mario Party game, and they are the most common spaces in the series. These spaces can vary in hue and shape, depending on the game. In Mario Party 5, they are known as Plus Spaces.

In New Super Mario Bros., there are also Blue Spaces. The Blue Spaces represent levels that have been beaten by Mario or Luigi. New Super Mario Bros. Wii also has Blue Spaces, which serve the same function. Levels that have yet to be beaten or that have been beaten through the use of the Super Guide feature (New Super Mario Bros. Wii only) are represented on the world map by Red Spaces. There is no known connection to this blue space and the blue spaces from Mario Party.


Feeling blue is usually considered a bad thing, but these homes show that strict use of the color blue can be anything but a downer - in fact, many have a vibrant energy thanks to the eye-catching shade...
Decorating with one color can create quite a dramatic statement, and the use of a subtle accent shade helps to keep the space from being overwhelmed.

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