Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Prometheus Landscape II

Eleos & Fobos. Fear and compassion. The two main emotions which Greek tragedy attempts to convey. By confronting its audience with tragic heroes subjected to abominable suffering, the tragedy touches the innermost part of the viewer's psyche, binding his fate to that of the hero and thereby purifying him of the poisons of the body.


In his latest production, Jan Fabre once again goes in search of this tragic dimension. The adventures of Prometheus, as chronicled by the oldest tragic poet Aeschylus, represent the underlying current which flows through this work.


Prometheus was a mythological rebel without a cause. He revolted against Zeus, the ruler of the gods, stole fire from heaven and gave it to the inhabitants of earth. The fire-bringer, Prometheus is, for Fabre, a standard bearer of proud independence.       [ more info ]

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