Thursday, May 31, 2012

May's Exhibitions II

Short-lived Settlements by Becky Campbell 

Snehta Residency is the only residency in Athens that gives the opportunity to international artists to visit the Greek capital and stay in a typical Athenian apartment. The house is situated in Kypseli, a post-bourgeois area that bears the marks of the current changes of the Athenian landscape.
As is implied by its name, (Athens spelled backwards), Snehta seeks to initiate new readings and cultural responses to the Greek capital, whilst enriching and re-directing the practices of the residency’s participating artists.

The Residency Snehta (was founded in December, 2011 by Augustus Veinoglou) started this April 2012 with the participation of the Scottish artist Becky Campbell. After a months stay in the City, Campbell opened the doors of the Snehta apartment on the 24th of May and shared her personal readings with the audience.

The exhibition titled Short-lived Settlements presented works that fuse structures, colours and textures, while various histories and the present overlap. The muted palette of the city pulsed through with hints of vibrancy; Athens is deconstructed and reinvented through Campbell's works, which project dense visual qualities and a tactile complexity. The plasticity of the urban experience is reversely explored and thought about with a focus on its multiple inward layers. 


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Cobalt + Porcelain by Olga Alexopoulou 

Kourd gallery presents Olga Alexopoulou's Exhibition with the title: Cobalt + Porcelain

 Olga's official website is here.

and information about the exhibition and the Kourd Gallery here.


The exhibition will be open until the 23rd of June 2012

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