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In Ivan Viripaev's play, four performers in their 30s take turns to narrate the stories of two elderly and long-married couples. They begin at the ends of the lives and shuttle backwards and forwards to weave wavering pictures of their shifting relationships. The actors, dressed in smartly casual clothes and make smiling eye-contact with members of the audience (seated on the stage and lit throughout the performance) as they speak.

I guess that’s how it was meant to be. Love can only be mutual.

Love and death, loyalty and betrayal, truth and fiction, hope and despair, this beguiling new comedy takes us through a hall of mirrors.


Russia’s foremost contemporary playwright and screenwriter, Ivan Viripaev, has won several major awards for his work including the prestigious Golden Mask and the Presidential Council Prize for Literature in Russia and awards at the Venice, Warsaw and Sochi Film Festivals.

Photos are from the Greek adaptation of the play


Κωμωδία του Ιβάν Βιριπάγεφ
Σκηνοθεσία: Κ. Ευαγγελάτου
Ερμηνεύουν: Π. Δεντάκης, Αλ. Καλτσίκη, Β. Κουκαλάνι, Ηλ. Νικολούζου.
Μετάφρ.: Ελ. Μπακοπούλου.
Σκην.-κοστ.: Εύα Μανιδάκη.
Φωτ.: Λ. Παυλόπουλος.

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