Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Chance Survival

There's no chance survival,
and no hiding place.
you must be my rival,
I remember your face.
a sweeter denial's become familiar to taste

there's no chance survival
and no hiding place

you can live your whole life in a cave, man.
you can learn to love uncertainty.

And I won't spend my whole life without some cold disregard
for the sweet sleep, eternity.

may you be praised for all your ways tonight
may you be praised by many ages tonight

there's no chance survival
and no side to take

I'd be less than primal
with no heart to chase

when something so vile has become so commonplace,
i know there's no chance survival.
to the flesh now we race!

and you can expect more gails violence that have blown so far
across the good ship, "The Sure-to-Be"

we are the golden,
we are the strong, static showing the random calls
fear the ocean,
don't fear the frost
don't fear the motion that cosmic toss
we are the old ones,
we are the lost static showing it comes with a cost:
we can do wrong

well, your heart and your smile align me.
and I make you safe.

there's no chance survival,
but slow time to waste.

 Julian Plenti

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