Monday, July 16, 2012

Primal Matter

Primal Matter / Dimitris Papaioannou
Athens Festival



Created by
Dimitris Papaioannou

Sound design
Kostas Mihopoulos


Tadeu Liesenfeld &
Dimitris Papaioannou


What lies behind Dimitris’ duet with Tadeu? What intentions underlie the artist’s decision to return to the stage bound up so closely with a symbol as primeval as the nude male body?


In an era of unfulfilled expectations, Dimitris Papaioannou essays a reflection on individual and Greek identity using the most basic of the painter’s tools: a panel, a dustbin, a body, himself and—most importantly—a perceptive gaze and poetic disposition which knows how to disperse the superfluous and focus on the essential.



These photos are from June's first performances.


Dimitris Papaioannou (Greek: Δημήτρης Παπαϊωάννου; born 21 June 1964) is a Greek avant-garde stage director, choreographer and visual artistwho drew international media attention and acclaim with his creative direction of the Opening Ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.


His varied career spans three decades and has seen him conceive and direct stage works for Edafos Dance Theatre and Elliniki Theamaton, direct operas and music stage shows, work as a costume, set and make-up designer, and published over 40 comics.
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