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Athens Festival 2012


Athens Festival 2012


The “Hellenic Festival” is a limited company established in 1998 for the organisation of music, theatre, and other cultural events, the publication and distribution of periodicals, books and other types of publications, and the creation of audiovisual material for the promotion of its events.

In addition to the creation of new venues for the staging of its performances, the company aims to broaden the audiences that attend its events, to highlight and promote the work of young artists, and to present contemporary trends in dance, music and theatre through the invitation of, and collaboration with interesting artists and performance companies. Efforts are being made to fall in line with the major European festivals of this kind.
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A Gathering

Curated by
Maria-Thalia Carras and Olga Hatzidaki


“What is their Greece?” Greek and foreign artists respond with posters, portraying both their physical and metaphysical relationship with our country.

A gathering explores the managing and redefining of identities in an era in which symbols and stereotypes provocatively re-emerge from the closet. Greece provides the stimulus for a struggle to visually represent the processes of memory.

Europe - Crisis or Demise?

Natascha Sadr Haghighian
Fruits of One’s Labour, 2008

Haghighian pays a sarcastic tribute to a European Union that began as a promise and is today tending to evolve into a deception! The united European nations and single currency dream now coexists with debt, cutbacks and unemployment. In two distinct but interdependent spaces,


Haghighian illustrates this fundamental contradiction of the European reality, sending a visual message that is simultaneously a warning and an alarm.

Michael Landy
Credit Card Destroying Machine, 2010

Michael Landy used cogs, mechanical components, wheels, junk, a wood chipper and a rotating arm capable of drawing abstract works of art. The Machine destroys the valid credit card that belongs to any viewer-participant who has decided to permanently part with it. In return the artist offers him a signed drawing, executed on site. Art teases and simultaneously challenges contemporary society’s man, for whom the credit card is - both - identity and meaning of life!

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