Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tutti Frutti


Artist: Stephanie Mann
Place: Snehta Residency – Athens in Reverse

Tutti Frutti was an exhibition which had been developed whilst on residency with Snehta in Kypseli. 

Experiencing Athens as a massive bowl of fruit, Mann attempted to focus on the satsuma seeds as opposed to the entirety of the display, exploring the details of direct encounters and local happenings. 

Viewing conversations, situations and objects with the same regards to physical materials, Mann was interested in the inherent qualities within such things and aimed to recontextualise and rearranged their properties with a light-hearted and playful aesthetic. 

Slipping between video, sculpture and performance, and often involving Mann herself, the works yield a diaristic enthusiasm for the ever prevailing quirks of daily life, present despite economic difficulties. 

Featuring the slippy floors of The Byzantine Museum, instigating happenings amongst Kipseli's community and involving intriguing neighbourhood aesthetics, the works in 'Tutti Frutti' aimed to provide a celebratory broth of both historical and current local ingredients. 

Snehta Residency is based in an urban apartment in Kypseli where the selected artists live, create and exhibit their work. The residency in collaboration with the artists, deduces and cultivates experimental and daring practices through specific artistic proposals. 

At the same time the artists are asked to sharpen their sense of Athens’s current situation in order to create works that actively incorporate an internal reading of the city, a tool they use throughout their creative Athenian practice. 

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