Monday, July 30, 2012

Wet Cement

we met one day in wet cement
where we glued our eyes shut
and pressed with our fists

and while the trees are shrinking now
they forgot their roots
and sloped in the ground

and while I'm picking out my favorite names
where our future is concerned
in the steady blur of the days
what brought us here, why we try to say
we face back all the way

now the cement's hardened in my chest
a world of wax
scraped in through text
and someone was calling just before I woke up

my broken record spits good and bad luck
and with my broken, pale black eyes
I still see white when the snow falls lightly
in the steady blur of the days

what brought us here, why we try to say
but we face back all the way

The Morning Benders


Anonymous said...

Chrysantemum For you I am a chrysantemum
Supernova, urgent star

Astera Compositae For you I'll be a dandelion
a thousand flowerettes in the sky
Or just a drop in the ocean

If you know my name
don't speak it out
it holds a power - as before

Liliacea A lily of the valley
a flower of saron

Helianthus annus For you I even be a sunflower
Do you hear my enlightening laughter?
another reason to cut off an ear

You know my name, do you not?
don't say it
For it's a sacred, immovable - frozen

Rosa, Anemone et
Nymphea alba I'll even be a waterlily,
a marygold, a rose
or a little thistle

Euphorbiaa blue dahlia, a black tulip
that's where opinions differ
the scholars disagree

My name, should you know it
remains unspeakable
and it's spoken - malediction

Astro Nayths said...

danke :)