Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Thesis on the Shelf

 A Thesis on the Shelf

Elias Kafouros

In his solo show entitled “A Thesis on the Shelf”, Elias Kafouros presents a series of drawings where a tangle of seemingly different stories unravels. 

These stories are being developed along intertwined paths. The relations created between individual forms arise either from instinctive and unconscious or from conscious and rational processes. Hence, despite the fact that the final image is articulated by classical forms, it acquires an intense psychedelic character. The structural complexity of the artist’s works undermines the clarity of the images, merges their limits and fertilizes new forms and associations. 

The more detailed the data that construct the partial narrations of the work are, the more obscure and remote the central narration seems.

Dominant elements in the artist’s works are the paths that define the relationships between people and objects depicted in their length. Relationships, evident and implicit, justified and irrational, are the true essence of the persons’ existence. Thus, a narration is being created, where time, in the Kantian sense of linear progression, establishes the links between human perception and space. In Kafouros’ work exist cinematic elements. 

The drawing process seems to start with a script and a casting. There are main and second roles, walk-ons, costumes, sets, lights and action. There is no sound, at least not yet.

Exhibition duration: April 25 – June 8, 2013 [ ΑΔ Gallery ]

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