Tuesday, June 25, 2013

back to Athens 2013 (II)

the new mind of design and art

Fresh Hotel Athens

There has never been a better time to present the re-freshed, new face of the contemporary designer and artist whom explores and re-defines concept, form, esthetics and function involved in the creative process, often with cutting humor and/or playfulness. Contemporary sociopolitical issues such as the global recession, re-evaluation of national elements within the work and the re-use of objects inspire new and fresh ideas.

Designers and artists in dialogue

From April 19- May 15, Greek and international designers and artists will come together within the Fresh Hotel Athens (member of the Design Hotels) an urban, unconventional resort within the heart of the city center. This collaborative presentation introduces a dialog on creative values involving both arts. With the assistance of a special brochure, the visitor may “discover” the work at specified locations within the hotel including the reception area, rooms, lobby, the Air Lounge and the ArtWall project space the on ground floor of the hotel.

For the duration of the exhibition the work placed within the hotel and the ArtWall, will be in constant dialog with the hotel visitors and visitors of the exhibition. Designers are encouraged to present their work before the public and demonstrate processes and techniques developed as a part of their creative identity.

Bllenddesignoffice, Helen Brasinika (Designer)
Post Folk, Maria-Olga Vlachou, Kostis Vassiliadis (Design)
Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Visual Artist
G Design Studio, Michael Georgiou, Alexandros Gavrilakis and Dimitris Stefanidis (Visual Communication)
Georgos Gyparakis (Visual Artist)
Maria Halios (Interior Designer)
ΚΑRAGEORGIOU (hand made furniture & interiors)
[Hauwai] Mari Goga, Stefanos Nasopoulos (Architects)
Kontakidesign, Spiros Kontakis (Object Design)
Panagiotis Megalooikonomou (Jewelry and Object Designer)

Pieris Architects, Pieros Pieris, Stella Pieri (Architects)
Spacelab, Sotiris Hainis, Vana Krimnioti (Architects)
Andreas Vousouras (Visual Artist)
Godefroy de Virieu & Stefania Di Petrillo (Designers)
OZON Raw Magazine presents Studio LAV(Designers)

Curated by: Fotini Kapiris

Co-organized by: Fresh Hotel and the ArtWall Project Space     [ more ]

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