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the first crowdfunded feature in Greece and the second in Europe

"Our movie is heavily inspired by the myth of Antigone" 

The movie is set in a not-so-far-away future, revolving around a conformed bourgeois woman, Alpha, and her “terrorist” -by the state's standards- brother, the Fugitive.

The Fugitive asks Alpha for shelter but she refuses to provide it, fearing that her controlled life is being put in danger. Things turn out wrong for both, as the Fugitive is eventually captured and executed and Alpha arrested.

Alpha is taken to the Forest, where the authorities throw the castaways and the condemned. She has to stay there with her hanged brother, until they decide she had been punished enough.

Our take on the myth focuses on two points that have been left untouched and which, in a way, are what makes the myth even more relevant today.

First of all, in the myth, we see Antigone ready to sacrifice her life for what she feels just. Our Antigone, Alpha, has not reached that point. In fact, she is at the exact opposite, like the vast majority of people, who are living conservatively, living in fear, living because King Creon permits it and that's enough for them. We will see Alpha gradually losing everything, even her fear, and thus becoming ready to set herself free.

We will witness the birth of an Antigone, rather than just see her in action.

Second of all, them myth ends when Antigone loses her life. We never get to know what happened when she met her beloved brother in Hades. What did Antigone say to Polynices after losing her life for him? Who knows?

In our story, Alpha and the Fugitive will get the chance to meet again as ghosts, in a Transcendental House, the house they grew up in; the house where they saw each other for the last time as living persons. In this house, we will see whether their scars are too deep to heal.

The movie focuses principally on the relationship of the two siblings, and whatever political comment is just deducted from its effects on them. It does not aim to preach about the dark political and social situation that has fallen upon the world, but rather creates a world in which people suffer because of it, and try to make the best out of it.


Stathis Athanasiou – Film Director, Screenwriter, Editor

Pedro Olalla – Helenist, Writer, Filmmaker

Michael Kloukinas – Still Photographer, DoP, Video Artist 

Michael Samiotis – Production Designer

Stavros Gasparatos – Composer

Theo Abazis – Composer, Theatre Director

Nikos Tsines – Sound Designer

Bruno Freire León - Musician, Music Journalist

Serafita Grigoriadou – Actress

Tasos Karakyklas – Actor

David Fernandez Fabu – Actor

Kostas Sfakianakis – Production Manager

Site: alpha-movie.com   

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