Monday, June 24, 2013

I come as a tree

'I come as a tree
7000 The Oaks of 
Joseph Beuys

The Center for Arts & Culture Beton7 and Goethe-Institut Athen, from 9 to 27 April 2013, are organising the exhibition-tribute to Joseph Beuys curated by Dr. Rhea Thoenges-Stringaris. 

The exhibition focuses mainly on the flagship project "The 7000 Oaks», which is connected like no other with the concept of "Social Sculpture".

The report includes photos of the famous photographer Dieter Schwerdtle, objects, unreleased material and documents around this famous action of Joseph Beuys, which is a milestone of contemporary art. The program also includes a lecture by Ms Dr. Rhea Thönges-Stringaris at Goethe Institut Athen.

With the generous support of the Foundation "7000 Oaks" Kassel  [ more ]

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