Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alpha 2


the first crowdfunded feature in Greece 

This is the second post about the Alpha movie. The first part is here


Stathis Athanasiou – Film Director, Screenwriter, Editor

Pedro Olalla – Helenist, Writer, Filmmaker

Michael Kloukinas – Still Photographer, DoP, Video Artist 

Michael Samiotis – Production Designer

Stavros Gasparatos – Composer

Theo Abazis – Composer, Theatre Director

Nikos Tsines – Sound Designer

Bruno Freire León - Musician, Music Journalist

Serafita Grigoriadou – Actress

Tasos Karakyklas – Actor

David Fernandez Fabu – Actor

Kostas Sfakianakis – Production Manager


Venue of shooting: Mount Parnitha

Parnitha suffered extensive damage from a wildfire on Thursday, June 28, 2007 around the morning and noon hours, continuing for several days and burning approximately 56 km² of land; one of the worst recorded wildfires in the prefecture after that of Penteli. The magnitude of the devastation was unforeseen. A smaller fire had, however, taken place in the 1960s.

The fire consumed forests in two prefectures. Firefighters, helicopters, and planes were brought into action across the mountain area and its edges fighting the enormous blaze,which took days to contain. It spread rapidly with the help of intense winds, and intensified into the northwestern edges of Greater Athens, including both Ano Liosia and towns and villages such as Fyli, near Thrakomakedones, Pyli and both Skoura and Schimatari north of the mountain. 

From Athens, inhabitants could see the mountainside burning throughout the night. In Schimatari in Boeotia, it ruined several acres of forest and businesses. The fire claimed an 80% proportion of the rare Greek Fir and Aleppo Pine forest, 150 animals of the red deer population (an endangered species), birds, and other rare animals. 

The remains of the green firs and pines are sporadically located around its edges. The smoke from the massive destruction formed a line that traveled east over Attica, southern Euboea, Chios, to the edge of Turkey, at a distance of approximately 350 km. [ source ]


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