Friday, July 19, 2013

Farewell to Wendo

Bloody Mary
I like the things you do, girl
It's surreal, the way you feel
Cause I'm the guy who's in love with you
I am and I won't be home, I'll be back as I go
Clarinets, clarinets time's short
I haven't pushed you out of my hair yet.
Aya anampa

It always seems that
I need to keep the distance to come closer to what they say is true.
Does that mean
I should believe it
That's why I sing
Aya anampa

The secondary function of a bathroom mirror
is to measure murmurs in mental mud,
I just like to read it
Aya anampa

Murder me with orgasms! Formula, formula
Obcsene gestures, call me names
I'm gonna start a rumour
It goes like this
Aya anampa

Mock and Toof

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