Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mehr Als Schein - Αυτό Που Φαίνεται


Within the framework of Zone D by Zoumboulakis Galleries, the group exhibition "Mehr Als Schein / Shining Through / Αυτό που φαίνεται", curated by visual artist Mark Noll, opens on 17 May 2013 at the new Zoumboulakis Galleries’ building.

The exhibition, in which 19 artists participate (who live and work in Germany, in Greece and in Cyprus), is held in a neoclassical building in Ermou Street near important archeological areas (the Acropolis, the Keramikos ancient cemetery, the Ancient Agora of Athens etc.).


As Mark Noll writes: “Appearances are deceptive, beauty is only skin-deep. Attractive surfaces have often invited suspicion in the intellectual mind and been associated with shallowness or even worse deception. The essential substance - like contents, meaning or truth - on the other hand, is always expected to hide behind the surface.


 The show Shining Through is not focusing on the alleged deficit of the surface, but it is aiming to reveal that first of all a surface is an aesthetic phenomenon that does not derive from contents nor serves as mere, superficial decoration. Surface first of all renders a sensual dimension.


 It´s the concept of the show to present both Greek and German artists who are preoccupied with the aesthetics of the surface and who are united in their effort to explore how the effect and the appearance of the surface can be reinterpreted in different media.”.


Artists: Alexiou Nikos, Bassanos Kostas, Bitsikas Xenofon, Christopoulos Kostas, Faust Jeanne, Ganas Iannis, Goldschmidt Dorothea, Kailiang Yang, Kelm Katia, Krause Inge, Loizidou Maria, Maike Sander, May Ruth, Noll Mark, Papaconstantinou Nina, Pichler Michalis, Xagoraris Zafos, Zacharioudakis Manolis, Zenner Barbara.


A three lingual (German/Greek/English) special edition will be published by FUTURA Editions within the context of the exhibition, including indicative works and accompanied by texts written by Ludwig Seyfarth and Mark Noll.


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