Friday, July 19, 2013

Where It All Starts

Bright as the stars, 
Rise and fall 
Do you ever wonder 
Where it all starts? 

Believe it; 
Wear the cloak. 
Swimming above, 
Watching the flood 

Bright as the stars 
Rise and fall 
Do you ever wonder 
Where do we start? 

Believe it; 
The rain will come 
Another night, 
Another day. 

Everywhere we look 
Lights are moving faster, 
And then, 
You see it there, 
Slowly holding on, 
Colours fill your mind, 
And voices, 
Singing our song, 
And voices, 
Singing along 

Here we are, 
Standing tall, 
Waiting and hoping. 
See the lights shut
Over me, 
Over the water. 

Another day goes by, 
Love in your eyes 
Stare patiently 
To see the sky. 
Then what? 

Thievery Corporation

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