Friday, February 10, 2012

Atlas Air II

Nothing to lose but my chains
Internet beats on my brains
Head in the sand, feet in the clay

A place to piece, a place to pray
A little money should tell me of my faith
This gun of smoke is slaying me
And time is still like grease, it slips
Suck it in, spit in pips
Yeah, spit in pips

My heart was big and like my pride
Let them feast on my insides
And when the filled had spilled its guts
Gently open, then it shuts

I’m in the hole
Three thousand days
A buried soul
They live the dream
In terminal
No war too mean

I know the drill
Got cells to burn
I’m dressed to kill
A mortal coil
And time is still
On secret soil

Yeah, pay the bills
Cells to burn
Mouths to fill
On Boeing jets
In the sunset making glowing threats

Massive Attack

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