Monday, February 6, 2012

Unknown Treasures in the National Gallery Collections p.B

Part B
This has been the most ambitious and substantial goal of this team project. As a rule, an exhibition is curated by a single art historian, perhaps with support by others; yet, both the exhibition concept and its implementation are his or hers and his or hers only.

 In this particular case, though, each one of the eight curators, who are in charge of a specific period in the history of Modern Greek art and the respective section in the collections, was tasked with making her own selection, in a spirit of freedom uninfluenced by fellow curators.

There were included drawings by renowned Italian and Flemish painters, as well as celebrated prints by legendary artists, among them 38 works by Dürer and 16 invaluable etchings by Rembrandt.

Yet, the curators assigned to select, conceptualize and group Modern Greek art from their respective areas of responsibility, in fact propose individual exhibitions compiled into one. Each curator selected works according to her own personal standards and developed a display according to her own reading of art history.

Different methodological approaches are therefore at work here, corresponding to successive moments in the history of Modern Greek art. These sections, not only propose a unique interpretation of featured works, but reflect the distinct academic approaches of the art historians.  
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