Saturday, February 11, 2012

No one loves me and neither do I

Think I saw her for the first time maybe in a news stand
She was pickin a mag and dressed oblique
She called me baby, and was it me maybe with the song on the radio
So I told her I was rich, then she asked could I use a dirty bitch? (of course)

Then she said, 'No one loves me and neither do I
you get what you give,
I give goodbye
if i should vanish
don't get caught off guard
don't hold it against me
unless it gets hard

If sex is a weapon, then smash, boom,
how you like me now?
You can't always do it right, but you can always do whats left
So I told her 'I was trash', she winked & laughed and said I already know...
I've got a beautiful place to put your face' and she was right,

Then I said, 'No one loves me... neither do I'
It makes perfect sense,
So I never ask why
All gone tomorrow
Because life doesn't wait
You can keep your soul
I don't wanna soul mate

Call me I'm loose and ready to go
people in a world about to lose control

I know how to burn with passion
hold nothing back for future ration
give all you are, do not make haste
savor every single taste

you get ...cut

I know how to be controlled
do opposites of what you're told
be quick, react, to break the box
turn on queue, as your cell door locks

behind you

I know how to be lost in lust
not because you should, but because you must
it burns white hot, and so clouds the mind
its lightning strike isn't always kind

so use me up
use me up

Them Crooked Vultures

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