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The Other Half Exhibition

Gülsün Karamustafa, The Apartment Building
26/01/2012 - 18/03/2012

An imposing architectural scale model, faithful representation of the multi-storey mansion of one of the wealthiest families of the Greek minority in Istanbul, that was meant to be abandoned by its owners following the dramatic, violent incidents in September of 1955 and the uprooting in Greece, dominates evocatively lit in the center of the exhibition space.


The history of the building, in which human lives and sociopolitical events meet and interweave in this multiethnic megalopolis, is outlined by the artist and new resident since 1991 of the ground floor flat of the apartment building on Cihangir Caddesi No: 28 in Beyoglu, in a laconic way.


Through the few documents- photographs and texts – on the wall, which constitute part of the installation, Gülsün Karamustafa with fine critical subtlety and leaving, as always in her work, space to aesthetic emotion, retrieves from oblivion painful historic memories, brings into light stories of victims, seeks human connections, new bonds and prospects...
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Every Month: Gülsün Karamustafa, The Settler and Bosphorus 1954

Ιn parallel to the presentation of the new work by Gülsün Karamustafa titled The Apartment Building in the Project Room, the National Museum of Contemporary Art presents a small tribute to the work of one of the most important figures of the contemporary Turkish artistic scene, in the framework of the series Every Month. In the two spaces of the mezzanine of the Museum the double screen video installation titled The Settler, 2003 and the single channel video installation Bosphorus 1954, 2008 will be presented.
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The Exhibition: George Hadjimichalis, The painter A.K, A novel
EMST New Commissions 2011
Project Room
09/11/2011 - 04/03/2012
was presented at the first part of the post: Half Exhibition


Nina Papaconstantinou, Ιnstead of writing
09/11/2011 - 04/03/2012

The highly poetic and meditative depth of Nina Papaconstantinou’s visual work, an important artist of the younger generation, aspires to present the first large scale exhibition organized by the National Museum of Contemporary Art in the framework of its policy for showcasing a contemporary, multifaceted and international, artistic potential in our country.

In the works on paper or directly on the wall of the last decade, most of which constitute illegible, cryptic transcriptions with an open meaning of numerous literary and philosophical texts or diary notes, the conceptual artist, with studies on philology in Athens and fine arts in London, shows the visual text at the limit of absolute whiteness, as a secret, revealing its hidden presence.

The fictions of the secret which constitute the nucleus of Nina Papaconstantinou’s drawings, are not exhausted nevertheless in the patient, persistent act of copying by the artist. They are written and rewritten each time through our endless translations and the reading hideouts which they give birth to.


Scribere necesse est, vivere non est
[Writing is a necessity, living is not]
Attributed to Heinrich the Sailor
Vilèm Flusser, Does Writing Have a Future?

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Fever / Spyros Nakas

Fever is an online multiplayer game that aims to address issues related to the management of today and to seek for the motivations, the profits and the losses that lie behind the contemporary systems of medicine and health.

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