Monday, February 13, 2012

Lost in Athens


Athens 2012, a hydrocephalus metropolis seeking its origin and identity within the undisciplined conditions of rapid change. New residents flock within the city as former residents abandon it.

New values replace the existing; social and moral barriers of a structured society are substituted by primitive behavior....

Curated by: Georgos Georgakopoulos, Dimitris Georgakopoulos
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Participating artists:
Brodl Brems / Victoria Deligianni / Christoforos Doulgeris / Giannis Ganas / Nikos Kapiris / Babis Karalis / Angie Karatza / Giannis Koutroulis / Anna Maneta / Nikos Papadimitriou / Nina Pappa / Anetta Spanoudaki / Aggelos Spartalis / Andreas Kamvas-Stavianoudakis / Aggeliki Svoronou / George Tserionis / Andreas Vais / Andonis Volanakis / Andreas Vousouras

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