Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The year of three winters

Elika Gallery is presenting from January 10th until February 18th, the first solo exhibition of Yannis Malegiannakis titled “the year of three winters”.


The painting of Malegiannakis is, in a way, depicts the gaze of the painter – observer into the space. A space, not so tangible and real, but one that is being implied, dissolved and emerges through the personal view.

The works are often created in situ, like a contemporary topography of interior spaces. Thus, the distance between the painter and the object is as vital as the painter and the object themselves.

 Through the exploration of the media (oil or charcoal), Malegiannakis is invited to portray this “gap” that almost breaths, exists and defines or repositions the limits of the real.


Unknown said...

Great photographs and great works of art.

Astro Nayths said...

Thanx for the photo part :)