Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rooms 2012_c - The Mattress

Contemporary Art Show
part c

Gallery Kappatos, organized for the twelfth time (since 1999) the Exhibition of Contemporary Art "ROOMS 2012" on the 5th floor of the St George Lycabettus Hotel , in Kolonaki.

Amalgama dance company was formed by Maria Gorgia in November 1998, by Maria Gorgia.

Of vital importance for Amalgama is the support of personal creativity, as well as the promotion of works with obvious peculiarities in cultural expression and authenticity – particularly regarding the movement vocabulary,

in addition to other elements comprising a dance performance: sound, scenery and lighting – all to the most feasible extent

These photos are from Amalgama's performance from their latest production called "The Mattress" that was presented at Rooms 2012

Το στρώμα

Σύλληψη-Χορογραφία:Μαρία Γοργία
Ερμηνεία: Στάυρος Αποστολάτος
Βίντεο: Βάνα Κωσταγιόλα, Μαρία Γοργία, Περικλής Μαθιέλης
Σκηνικά-Κοστούμια: Μαρία Γοργία, Σταύρος Αποστολάτος
Μίξη ήχου: Σταύρος Αποστολάτος
Παραγωγή: Ομάδα Χορού Αμάλγαμα

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